Online Course Fashion Flats with Adobe Illustrator


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Learn how to make technical fashion flats for the fashion industry with Adobe Illustrator. Besides learning the applications in Adobe Illustrator, you will also become acquainted with the technical terminology, acquire knowledge about seam symbols, artwork, labeling, working with suppliers and more. You will learn to create complete and workable drawings that are ready for use in the fashion industry.

  • Personal Help & Support
  • Certificate of completion
  • Duration 6 months

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  • You will be guided by means of instructional animations
  • Download PDFs to always have the teaching materials at hand.
  • Start at any time and work at your own pace.
  • Receive assignments so you can build your collection.
  • Ask all your questions to your subject teacher.
  • Your subject teacher guides you in building your portfolio.

For whom?
The course is suitable for people who, from their current creative profession, are looking for opportunities to develop their own clothing line and for people who would like to get in-depth knowledge of drawing technical fashion flats.

What’s the Goal of the course?
The development of technically correct and complete fashion flats, suitable for sending to a supplier. The supplier creates patterns from the technical drawing (= your design). You will learn the applications in Adobe Illustrator. At the end of the course you will have finished a series of drawings ready for the industry. (Note: it is not a pattern making course!)

What is the Content of the course?

  •  making fashion flats (technical drawings for fashion / stylesheets)
  • drawing details such as pockets, collars, etc
  • drawing various pleats
  • drawing haberdashery
  • adding stitching (working with brushes)
  • working with libraries
  • terminology
  • making artwork
  • coloring the fashion flats using different methods
  • creating seam symbols
  • learn about target groups
  • learn about building a collection
  • how to send your file to the supplier
  • labeling
  • you learn to master the functionality of Adobe Illustrator. The teaching material starts with the basics.
  • extra teaching material: working with Adobe Illustrator on the Ipad

During the online training you have access to the instructional animations. On the platform you will also find teaching materials in which the functionality of Adobe Illustrator and the making of fashion flats is explained in detail. Download this teaching material for future use. This way you can easily repeat the topics covered during the online course, even after the online course has ended.

At the online platform you will also find assignments. You will receive feedback after submission. After the online training you will receive a certificate as proof of participation (provided the assignments have been completed).

What about Previous Education and Adobe?
Previous education and knowledge of Adobe Illustrator is not necessary. It is necessary to have Adobe Illustrator installed on your computer. Download the free 7-day trial here.

What is the estimated Study Load?
The advice is to spend about 1 hour a week on the course (this includes making assignments and repeating finished topics).

So what about your teacher?
You will be personally assisted by your subject teacher Jolieke Ubachs. Meet Jolieke here. Or get to know Jolieke via the chat!
After subscribing Jolieke will contact you to check out your goals for this course, so the assistance can be tailored to your needs.
Although the course contains a fixed base of study material, the course will be tailored to your perspective completely via the personal guidance. Jolieke will contact you regularly to see if any help is needed. During the course you can ask unlimited questions!

This teaser gives you an impression of the tutorials that you will receive in addition to all downloadable PDFs, assignments and personal guidance after registering for the Online Course Fashion Flats with Adobe Illustrator.

Disclaimer: While this custom currency converter works in real-time, sometimes it can be delayed or behind the actual rates. The rates and prices of all currencies are constantly changing.


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