House of U

House of U produces many printed fabrics for the fashion and interior industry. High-quality prints are also produced for artists, design studios and theater productions. House of U produces high-quality prints, without a minimum order quantity, with a short delivery time. There is a wide choice of sustainable fabrics. After the online course Pattern / Print Design with Adobe Illustrator or Digital Print Design with Adobe Photoshop you can have your own designs printed on fabric at House of U.

Fotografie @Kristina Fendesack


On the Motiflow platform you can upload your own pattern and have it printed on various materials and products (fabric, wallpaper, decorative cushions, bean bags, etc.). It is then possible to start selling via your own channels, but you can also sell your design to visitors of the Motiflow platform. In this case Motiflow prints the design on the ordered products and you as a designer receive a fee. The designer is important to Motiflow. Motiflow wants to offer you as many great opportunities as possible to earn money with your design! When uploading your pattern, you can choose whether you want to keep the pattern private, put it publicly on Motiflow or offer it through third parties.


FASHIONCLASH is an innovative and interdisciplinary showcase platform for fashion and a new generation of designers. With the Fashion House project, FASHIONCLASH offers an individual coaching program, workshops and public events with a focus on entrepreneurship within the fashion industry.

Fotografie: @Kristina Fendesack


Engaging and retaining customers and increasing sales is a constant challenge in fashion retail. How do you maintain the collection up-to-date, the design up-to-date, in-store sales in balance with online sales and staff with the right knowledge and skills? Detex puts this total approach at the core of all its training courses for optimal in-store performance.