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Textilice’s online training courses are focused on the industry. Follow the training at your own pace. You will receive personal support from your tutor. Develop your portfolio under the guidance of your tutor.

How fun and educational it was! By following the course you will learn the practical side, but you will also gain insight into the profession of surface pattern designer. A nice combination. Thank you Jolieke!


Now that the course pattern / print design with Illustrator is finished, I realize how glad I am that I have participated! The lessons were clear, constructive and to be followed at your own pace. It is nice to experience that any question could be asked. In addition, it is nice that honest feedback was given, because I needed to learn what aspects make a design a good design.  This course is a must! Thank you, Jolieke!


Jolieke is a fantastic teacher and her knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator and textile design is comprehensive, easily the best teacher I have had.


It is a super fun and educational course! I’ve always wanted to learn to design in Illustrator and have now succeeded! Replies to my questions were given quickly and extensive and above all; they were very educational!

Even if I had questions that were not directly related to the curriculum, I got a quick and clear reply. I would register again immediately! I absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to design in Illustrator!


The pattern design course in Photoshop was very instructive. Jolieke provides clear explanations about the design, the software and the industry. If you have a question, it will be answered almost immediately which is very nice. In short, it was a super fun and interesting course of which I have learned a lot.


The pattern design course met my expectations in every respect. The information from the industry is an important and interesting part, which gives you a good idea of ​​the surface pattern designer’s profession, certainly also because of the calm and professional guidance of Jolieke.


Inspiring and motivational course, addictive!

Perfect guidance, always very fast and extensive feedback and fun assignments!


I have now been working as a surface pattern designer (wallpaper) for a number of years, but still lacked a number of skills in the field of Illustrator. I also needed professional feedback about my approach and method. Jolieke has really been able to help me. I can apply all the information we have discussed immediately and it fits exactly into the flow in which I am working now. It actually exceeded my expectations. The course material is clear and concise and a pleasant reference work. Jolieke enjoys sharing her knowledge and network with you and is genuinely committed to her students. The courses are professional and up to date! Highly recommended


Although I had some basic knowledge of Photoshop before starting the course, I felt far from familiar with the software. This course has  really changed that! All principles and actions are concisely covered in PDF’s that you can save on your own computer and that are accompanied by clear instruction animations. With these instructions, you will create an assignment that you can submit for assessment. You will be initiated into the world of pattern design in all its facets. The guidance was great. Submitted assignments and questions will receive a response and answer within a day. Always extensive and sometimes even provided with instructional videos in which your specific problem or question is answered and explained. Jolieke is really an expert in this field, you will notice this in the answers to your questions: you get really useful and practical advice, which is very valuable if you want to work as a design designer. I will now continue with the Illustrator version of this course and I am already looking forward to what I will learn there!


Everything I had always wanted to know about putting prints on repeat was answered during the course of Textilice. Super informative lessons! In short: highly recommended!


It was a very fun and educational course! It was easy to follow thanks to the clear instruction animations.


What a nice and extensive course it is! Thanks to the good structure, I managed to get everything I wanted to learn from the course. Thank you, Jolieke