About Textilice and your tutors

Textilice is a certified training institute for vocational training in fashion, textile and surface pattern design.

The aim of Textilice is to guide students to achieve their personal goals. The goal could be to start as a freelancer, to find an employer in the field, or to specialise further in their current job.

Jolieke Ubachs

your tutor for: Surface Pattern Design, Pattern Drafting, Fashion Flats.

I have been in the textile industry for over 20 years. I know what it takes to successfully navigate through this exciting and creative industry. I am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others. I will help you hone your digital design skills, show you what to look out for when designing for the different printing techniques, and teach you what it means to design commercially.

For 8 years I worked as a full-time surface pattern designer for a luxury items company. My designs were applied to a wide range of high-end products in a diverse mix of materials. I worked closely with our suppliers to ensure samples were exactly as I had in mind.

Once I decided to go freelance, I was approached by several agents. Whilst the agents took care of sales, I was able to focus solely on designing.

For the past ten years I have also been teaching at the School of Fashion Design, in Hasselt, Belgium. I support students developing their own fashion collections and teach fabric construction, marketing, and how to make fashion flats.

My next career move happened organically. What had started off as helping out a few colleagues spiralled into something I never intended. As word spread of my ‘tutoring’, inquiries for one-on-one training sessions started pouring in. It exposed a gap in the market for professional, specialised training courses for people already in the industry wanting to branch out and/or specialise. The combination of my design and teaching backgrounds were a match made in heaven. I started developing and giving courses. It laid the foundation for Textilice, today a recognized training institute for short vocational education in the field of textile, pattern design and fashion. Thanks to online training, I can now also reach out to budding and established designers from all over the world.

I look forward to sharing all I know about this industry and to help you thrive as a designer.

Sabine Janssens

your teacher for: Lingerie (construction and pattern drafting)

Sabine is currently assisting students on the Lingerie online course in Dutch. In the future, you will be able to follow the Lingerie course in English!

My journey into the world of lingerie began in 2006 when I designed my first pair of panties. From then on I was hooked! I immersed myself in the art of lingerie design. I attended several training courses to hone my skills, especially in the area of made-to-measure lingerie.

After several years of intensive training, I opened my own lingerie studio, where I spent five years creating lingerie for my clients with passion and precision. But I felt the urge to share my knowledge and passion with others.

This led me to teaching at the School of Fashion Design in Hasselt, Belgium (Syntra), where I have been teaching lingerie since 2016. It’s great to pass on my experience and my love for the profession to new generations of lingerie designers.

In 2017, I decided to go one step further and set up De Lingerie Academie (The Lingerie Academy). Here, we organise workshops with my own lingerie sewing patterns so that others can discover the art of lingerie making and express themselves through their creations.

It has been an incredible journey so far. I have trained over 100 students and over a thousand enthusiastic students have attended classes at De Lingerie Academie.

So whether you are a beginner just starting out in lingerie or an experienced professional looking to learn new techniques, I am here to guide, inspire and show you how amazing the world of lingerie can be. Let’s get creative together and create something wonderful!

Marjolein van der Heide

your teacher for: Embroidery

Currently we are developing an online course for Embroidery. Marjolein will be your tutor!

We will keep you posted!